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Vitamin B-12 shots
Vitamin IV's
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Natural ApotheCory + Party Pax
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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events at Feel Better HQ 

European Thermography Scans- for men + women

When: Wednesday, February 14th

Thermography Scan Cost: $350 for established patients, $450 for new patients.  Includes Thermography Scan, Review, Interpretation, +Treatment Plan with Dr. Cory. 

Book Your Scan Here

Deep Dive Cleanse Info Session ! 

Great for people with gut issues, low energy, recurrent of chronic infections, allergies, asthma, joint and muscle pain, hormonal issues, people who have been exposed to molds, known toxins or heavy metals,  and anyone else who wants to live a healthy vibrant long life.

When: Join us January 30th @ 6pm for a free talk on the details + benefits of going DEEP! 

Laughter Yoga Classes

Is adulting making you sick?
The positive impact of laughter on health is incredibly positive and well researched. Boost your immune system, increase feel good molecules, improve oxygenation and lung function,decrease stress hormones, get an ab workout, and so much more with just 15-minutes of laughter.  Classes TBD.

Cold + Flu Support

 Natural Flu shot + Vitamin D Combo (2 shots for $75) Great to come in at the first sign of the ickies creeping in!

This super-effective ‘natural flu shot’,  contains an injectable homeopathic that helps to boost natural killer cells to support anti-viral function. 

Drop in Tuesday or Thursday or call schedule an appointment. 

Great to use as: 

  • A pre-travel precaution
  • First sign of viral infections like cold and flu
  • As prevention for those who work in schools, hospitals and crowded environments etc.

Nebulized Glutathione

Feeling the effects of the fires? 

Nebulized Glutothione can help heal the effects on the lungs that many are experiencing in the So-Cal area after the wildfires. Read more about the benefits of this glutothione treatment below. 

Most of us here in LA, SB, SD counties can use it with all of the fires in the area. Drop in Tuesday or Thursday or call schedule an appointment. 

dr cory reddish

About Dr. Cory

Dr. Cory Reddish has been a practicing licensed Naturopathic Doctor for 18 years and is a purveyor of all things good, healthy and fun. She returned to her hometown of Venice, CA to open the Feel Better HQ, a Naturopathic Health Boutique that offers high quality supplements, Vitamin B-12 injections, nutrient IV's and functional testing. It is also the HQ of Dr. Cory's Party Pax, her signature line of highly effective party recovery nutrients. By synthesizing her naturopathic medical education, 20 years in the natural products industry, studies of yoga, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, passion for healing foods and a deep commitment to helping people feel better, she has helped thousands of people through her private practice, leading cleanse programs, workshops and providing vitamin injections and recovery support to people at festivals and events.

Our Location

Dr. Cory Feel Better HQ

1842 Washington Way (at Abbot Kinney)
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 870-3080

Drop-in Tuesdays + Thursdays 10–6pm
By appointment Monday–Saturday

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In case you are wondering what happened to the former comprehensive drcory.com, it imploded and inadvertently provided us with an opportunity to do a digital spring cleanse.  We will be rebuilding the ecommerce site and services pages in the near future.  If you are looking for Dr. Cory's Party Pax, highly effective recovery nutrients, you can find them here at www.drcoryspartypax.com